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Expressive introvert seeking mutually beneficial relationship with multiple partners – simultaneously, if possible.  Must have good, irreverent sense of humor and ability to appreciate sarcasm and satire.  Must be willing to go through funny times and serious times.  Flexible for either short term or long term involvement.  More information to come.



“Two Pairs of Shorts” Listed on Google Play Store

In addition to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, BookBub, and Goodreads, my small book of four short stories can now be found in the Google Play Store as well.  Follow this link:  Two Pairs of Shorts in Google Play Store

From a contentious church board meeting to a neighborhood watch gone wrong, from a young man mailing Christmas cards on a cold December night to a middle-aged woman’s contemplation of her life as she performs a summer chore, “two pairs of shorts” provides glimpses into the everyday lives of four protagonists. Divided between “Light” and “Dark,” this quartet of short stories moves in gradations from comic to tragic.

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Two Pairs of Shorts Kindle E-Book Giveaway


Enter for a chance to win one of 100 copies of “Two Pairs of Shorts” by W.C. Clinton, a quartet of short stories about the comedy and tragedy of everyday life. Rated 3.71 stars by Goodreads readers, who have made such comments as “they’re short,” “they’re stories,” and “I loved it!”
Respectfully Submitted – a contentious church board meeting as told by the secretary
Operation Eagle Eye – a neighborhood watch responds to threats from the outside
Wintergreen – ruminations of a young man mailing Christmas cards on a cold December night
Make Lemonade – a middle-aged woman’s contemplation of her rustic life as she performs a summer chore in the early part of the last century
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Excerpts from the stories can be found here:

The Giveaway runs from February 3 until February 15, 2018 at


Local Author Fair

James A. Michener Branch Bucks County Free Library

Quakertown, PA

Local Author Fair

Thank you to the James A. Michener Branch of the Bucks County Free Library for hosting a Local Author Fair in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  Readers seeking refuge from a chilly, rainy afternoon encountered nearly 20 authors inside the library, including the writer pictured above sporting his most literary necktie.

Excerpts from the four stories in “Two Pairs of Shorts” can be found on the “Excerpts” page of this website.  The book itself can be purchased in paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace, and in ebook format on Kindle and Nook.  Reader reviews can be found on